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Nick Mmbaga

The organization and strategy program at Haslam should be described as a family of scholars. Students are provided with a progressive yet developmental environment conducive for learning and academic growth. The program is ripe with distinguished and approachable scholars, ambitious and talented students and effective administrators who are creating new knowledge for the next wave of entrepreneurs and organizational leaders.

Mike Lerman

Earning a Ph.D. in the organization and strategy program at the University of Tennessee has been a tremendous opportunity. I am consistently guided towards a successful career in academia by a strong faculty team that invests time and energy into my development as a scholar. No school can guarantee my success, for I have to be willing to work hard; however, in the organization and strategy program, I have always been given the utmost opportunity to simply focus on working hard and learning. In addition, the students in the organization and strategy program are close-knit, and always willing to help each other. In my opinion, the qualities I have described are absolutely vital to picking a Ph.D. program that can help you achieve your potential. If I were to choose a program again, I would, without hesitation, still choose the University of Tennessee.

Jiaju (Justin) Yan

The organization and strategy program of Haslam College of Business is one of the most rigorous and challenging academic programs in the nation.The student body is comprised of most talented graduate students across the globe. Doctoral students will receive intensive intellectual and practical training in organizational research from nationwide distinguished scholars and accomplished faculties. The program is designed to cultivate the future organization and strategy researchers and outstanding college educators.

Erika Williams

The camaraderie is genuine. The students here are not competing with each other; we support and encourage our peers so that we can all be successful.

Dan White

This has been perhaps the most challenging experience of my life, but I love going to work every morning! This is a truly developmental atmosphere. It feels like a family.

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