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Human Resource Management Major

HRM Major Courses

Students who choose the “Human Resources Management” major will take the following courses:

MGT 331 Leadership Skills: Focuses on developing leadership skills. Provides students with self-assessment, developmental exercises, and case studies to prepare them for leadership roles.

HRM 360 Managing Human Resources: Theory, methods, and issues used to manage human resources in contemporary organizations. Overview of how organizations attract, motivate, develop, and retain employees, and how they interact with organizations representing employees. Designed to provide students with an opportunity to understand the functional areas of human resource management and the integration of these functions into an effective and efficient human resource management system.

HRM 480 Developing Human Resources: Ensuring that the skills, knowledge, abilities, and performance of the workforce meet the current and future organizational and individual needs through developing, implementing, and evaluating activities and programs addressing employee training and development, change and performance management, and the unique needs of particular employee groups.

HRM 481 Recruitment and Selection: Workforce planning, recruitment and selection, organizational entry and socialization. Planning, developing, implementing, administering, and performing ongoing evaluation of recruiting, hiring, orientation, and organizational exit to ensure that the workforce will meet the organization’s goals and objectives.

HRM 485 Compensation and Benefits: Strategies for maintaining high performance. Performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, health, safety and security issues.

Society of Human Resource Management

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