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Recent Publications

Crook, T. R.

Esper, T. L., Stank, T. P., Crook, T. R., & Autry, C. W. Forthcoming. Creating relevant value through demand and supply integration. Journal of Business Logistics.

Lux, S., Crook, T. R., & Leap, T. Forthcoming. Corporate political activity: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Business Horizons.

Crook, T. R., Todd, S. Y., Combs, J. G., Woehr, D. J., & Ketchen, D. J. 2011. Does human capital matter? A meta-analysis of the relationship between human capital and firm performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(3): 443-456. (Financial Times Top 45 Journal).

Gillis, W., McEwan, E., Crook, T. R., & Michael, S. 2011. Using tournaments to reduce agency problems: The case of franchising. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 35(3): 427-447. (Financial Times Top 45 Journal).

Lux, S., Crook, T. R., & Woehr, D. 2011. Mixing business with politics: A meta-analysis of the antecedents and outcomes of corporate political activity. Journal of Management, 37(1): 223-247. Summaries reported in over 60 publications or websites.

Combs, J. G., Ketchen, D. J., Crook, T. R., & Roth, P. 2011. Assessing cumulative evidence within 'macro' research: Why meta-analysis should be preferred over vote counting. Journal of Management Studies, 48(1): 178-197. (Financial Times Top 45 Journal).

O’Brien, J., Drnevich, P.L., Crook, T. R., & Armstrong, C. 2010. Does business school research add economic value for students? Academy of Management Learning & Education, 9(4): 638-651. Summaries reported in BusinessWeekOnline, Financial Times, and many other publications or websites.

Combs, J. G., Penney, C., Crook, T. R., & Short, J. 2010. The impact of family representation on CEO compensation. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 34(6): 1125-1144. (Financial Times Top 45 Journal).

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Crook, T. R., Ketchen Jr., D. J., Combs, J. G., & Todd, S. Y. 2008. Strategic resources and performance: A meta-analysis. Strategic Management Journal, 29(11): 1141-1154. (Financial Times Top 45 Journal).

Crook, T. R., Giunipero, L. G., Reus, T. H., Handfield, R., & Williams, S. K. 2008. Antecedents and outcomes of supply chain effectiveness: An exploratory investigation. Journal of Managerial Issues, 20(2): 161-177.

Non-Refereed Publications and Reviews

Crook, T. R. 2010. Book Review of Atlas Black: Managing to Succeed published in the Academy of Management Learning & Education.


Morris, Michael Lane

Morris, M.L., McMillan, H.S., Heames, J.T. (Forthcoming). Work/life initiatives: A comparative study of HR managers’ perceptions and their measurement behaviors. Human Resource Development Quarterly

Morris, M.L., McMillan, H.S., Duncan, S., Larsen, J., (2011). Who will attend? Characteristics of couples and individuals in marriage education. Marriage & Family Review 47, 1-22

McMillan, H.S., Morris, M.L., Atchley, K.E.P. (2011). Constructs of the work/life interface and their importance to HRD. Human Resource Development Review 10, (1), 6-25.

Gilley, J.W., Morris, M.L., Waite, A.M., Coathes, T., & Veliqutte, A. (2010). Integrated model for building teams. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 12, 7-28.

Crook, T. R., Shook, C. L., Madden, T. M., & Morris, M. L. (2010). A review of current construct measurement in entrepreneurship. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 6(4): 387-398.

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Crook, R.C., Shook, C. Morris, M.L., & Madden, T. (2009). Are We There Yet? An Assessment of Research Design and Construct Measurement Practices in Entrepreneurship Research Organizational Research Methods, 13, 192-206.

Lim, D.H. & Morris, M.L. (2009). Learner and instructional factors influencing learning outcomes within a blended learning environment. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 12, (4).


Ranft, A.L.

Upson, J. W., Connelly, B., Ketchen, D. J., & Ranft, A.L.  Competitor analysis and foothold moves. Academy of Management Journal, 55: 93-110.  (Financial Times Top 45 Journal)

Norman, P. M., Butler, F. C., & Ranft, A. L. Resources matter: Examining the effects of resources on the state of firms following downsizing. Journal of Management.


Ellis, K., Reus, T., Lamont, B.T., & Ranft, A.L. Transfer effects in large acquisitions:  How size-specific experience matters.  Academy of Management Journal, 54: 1261-1276. (Financial Times Top 45 Journal)


Upson, J.W., & Ranft, A.L., (2010) When strategies collide: Divergent multipoint strategies within competitive triads.  Business Horizons, 53: 49-58.

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Reus, T., Ranft, A. L., Lamont, B. T., & Adams, G.  (2009) An interpretive systems view of knowledge investments.  Academy of Management Review, 34: 382-400. (Financial Times Top 45 Journal)


Smith, Anne

Laura Madden and Anne Smith, 2014, “Using Photographs to Integrate Liberal Arts Learning in Business Education,” Journal of Management Education, accepted for publication 12/2013.

Josh Ray and Anne Smith, 2012 “Creating and Executing In-Class Exercises to Complement Published Cases: “Ice Beer to Japan” Implementation Exercise to Accompany Craig’s Asahi Beer Case" Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 12(4): 11-23.

Josh Ray and Anne Smith (equal authorship), 2012, “Using Photographs to Research Organizations: Evidence, Considerations, and Application in a Field Study,” Organizational Research Methods, 15 (2), pages 288-315.

Donde Plowman and Anne Smith, 2011, “Too Hot to Handle, Still,”

2011, Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, 6(1), pages 100-105

Donde Plowman and Anne Smith, 2011, “The Gendering of Organizational Research Methods: Evidence of Gender Patterns in Qualitative Research,” 2011, Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, 6(1), pages 64-82. [Per Digital Commons, readership is 1815 times from 08/01/2011-12/02/2013]

Anne Smith, Donde Plowman, and Dennis Duchon, 2010, “Everyday Sensegiving: A Closer Look at Successful Plant Managers,” 2010, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 46 (2), pages 220-244. [Per Digital Commons, readership is 1452 times from 08/01/2011-07/01/2013]

Anne Smith, Donde Plowman, and Dennis Duchon, 2009, “A qualitative study of high-reputation middle managers: Political skills and successful outcomes,” Journal of Operations Management, 2009, 27(5), pages 428-443.

Susan Houghton, Anne Smith, and Jacqueline Hood, 2008, “Network Effects on Entrepreneurial Activity in Small Rural Firms,” Journal of Business Research, 62(12), pages 1255-1261.

Seung Bach and Anne Smith, 2007, “CEO Power and IPO Survival: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of High Technology Management Research, 18(1), pages 31-42.

Anne Smith, Susan Houghton, Jacqueline Hood, and Joel Ryman, 2006, “Power Relationships among Top Managers: Does Top Management Team Power Dispersion Matter for Organizational Performance,” Journal of Business Research, 59 (5), pages 622-629.

Susan Bartholomew and Anne Smith, 2006, “Improving Survey Response Rates from CEOs in Small Firms: The Importance of Social Networks,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 30 (1), pages 83-96.


Williams, D.W.

Houghton, S.M., Gabel, J.T.A., & Williams, D.W. (2009). Connecting Two Faces of CSR: Does Employee Volunteerism Improve Compliance Behavior? Journal of Business Ethics, 87(4): 477-494.

Williams, D.W., Zorn, M.L., Crook, T.R., & Combs, J.G. (2013). Passing the Torch: Factors Influencing Transgenerational Intent in Family Firms. Family Relations, 62(3): 415-428.

Kiss, A.N., Williams, D.W., & Houghton, S.M. (2013). Risk Bias and the Link Between Motivation and New Venture Post-Entry International Growth. International Business Review, 22(6): 1068-1078.

Wood, M.S. & Williams, D.W. (2014). Opportunity Evaluation as Rule-Based Decision Making. Journal of Management Studies, 51(4): 573-602.

Mathias, B.D., Williams, D.W., & Smith, A.R. (2015). Entrepreneurial Inception: The Role of Imprinting in Entrepreneurial Action. Journal of Business Venturing, 30(1): 11-28.

Leap, T. & Williams, D.W. (2015). Innovating During Tough Times: Lessons from the Great Composers. International Business Research, 8(1): 191-196.

Mathias, B.D. & Williams, D.W. (forthcoming). The Impact of Role Identities on Entrepreneurs’ Evaluation and Selection of Opportunities. Journal of Management.

Williams, D.W. & Grégoire, D.A. (forthcoming). Seeking Commonalities or Avoiding Differences? Re-Conceptualizing Distance and Its Effects on Internationalization Decisions. Journal of International Business Studies.

Williams, D.W. & Wood, M.S. (forthcoming). Rule-Based Reasoning for Understanding Opportunity Evaluation. Academy of Management Perspectives.

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